Many people might not realize any of this, but driving can be very stressful, mentally and physically damaging.

But in the future, driving will be very simple, and soon, our eyes will not even have to be on the road. Your car will take you to your destination, by itself.  This is the future of transportation. We call these self driving cars.

Self driving cars will be an important part of smart transportation in the future.

Smart transportation is one of the new focuses of Huati Technology. While we have been specialized in building smart cities, and have successfully built smart light poles infrastructures in China, and carried out demos around the world.

How does smart transportation relate to smart light poles? To answer this question, we want introduce the latest development of intelligent transportation-vehicle-road collaboration systems.

C-V2X, which incorporates multiple disciplines,  adopts advanced techniques such as wireless communication, sensory detection, etc., to achieve a comprehensive network to collect information comprising people, vehicles, and roads. This information enables the collaboration between vehicles and infrastructure. C-V2X will use the collaboration to achieve the goals of optimizing system resources, improving road traffic safety and efficiency, and alleviating traffic congestion.

Our next-generation communication technology, vehicle-road collaboration equipment, and information collection equipment involved in this can be integrated into our new smart light poles.

Self driving in real scenarios can be achieved through the collaboration of 5G base stations and Road Side Units mounted on smart light poles, city-level IoT networks, vehicle and infrastructure.

Not only that, the smart devices mounted on the smart light pole can also detect traffic flow statistics, monitor for road abnormalities, traffic violations, and traffic guidance information release, making your travel more efficient and convenient.

In the future, a vehicle-road collaboration system based on smart light poles and a series of smart devices will help self driving to be realized as soon as possible. Are you still worried about your driving skills?

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