OUR SERVICE -- 360 degree Lighting Maintenance, Retrofits, LED Solutions

From professional-level lighting solutions to lighting remodels, roll outs and preventive maintenance, Huati Lighting has the expertise and range of services you need to put commercial lighting to work for your business. Undergo a 360 degree lighting upgrade that begins with an assessment of your company’s needs and ends with the implementation of (and reporting) on a highly customized lighting solution.

Browse a collection of maintenance programs and projects that will help you lower your operating costs, provide predictable maintenance budgets and get insights on the newest lighting technologies, especially with our Lighting Management System which will significantly increase efficiency.

Upgrade the lighting systems, store branding, electrical controls, fixtures and merchandising across multiple locations with one cost-effective, streamlined and standardized implementation process. Apply LED street lighting upgrades that will not only reduce energy consumption and provide a longer product lifespan, but will also dramatically improve the safety of your streets through improved lighting quality.

Lighting upgrades, retrofits and maintenance can be complicated work, especially for large organizations with many locations. At Huati Lighting, we’ve delivered energy-saving solutions to over hundreds of different projects around the globe.  Our standardized professional processes, expert solutions development and outstanding project management capabilities are the perfect option for small to large, multi-location operations looking to get the most out of their lighting systems.