At the end of the year again, the inventory of the upcoming 2019 is an extraordinary year for us.

   Counting this year’s smart street light projects across the country, we found that this year, we successfully landed 31 smart street light projects in 23 cities in at least 13 provinces across the country. In particular, two of them It is also a city-level smart street light construction and operation project.

   Below we take from north to south, from west to east, take the province as the unit, and take a look at the achievements of several representative smart street light projects among the more than 30 projects.


   The first batch of DC smart street lights in Xiong’an New District, smarter and safer

   In Xiong’an New District, the word is the word with its own traffic.

   As the Xiong’an New District, a model city for future urban construction, it is natural to use cutting-edge technology in terms of infrastructure construction, as well as urban road lighting.

   In August 2019, Huati provided the first batch of DC smart street lights “Luhua” to Xiong’an New District, which appeared at the Citizen Service Center of Xiong’an New District.



   In addition to the intelligent lighting function, “Luhua” is also equipped with 5G base stations, traffic lights, video surveillance, one-button alarm, display information release, public broadcasting, WiFi services, environmental monitoring, mobile phone charging, rest seats, manhole cover base stations, etc. The remaining functions can be described as “collecting thousands of pets in one body”.


    Different from the previous smart street lights, in terms of power supply, “Luhua” uses low-voltage DC power supply of 48 volts and 110 volts, even if the power leakage does not threaten the safety of personnel. .

   In the future, “Luhua” will also be equipped with advanced technologies and equipment such as IoT-Hub and vehicle-road coordination to gradually realize a wider and more efficient smart Internet of Things, providing strong support for the construction and operation management of smart cities in Xiong’an New District.

  These black technologies of “Luhua” can be said to represent China’s most cutting-edge technology and development direction in smart street lights, and have great guidance and reference significance.


  Smart street lights have a beauty value, and have more haze removal technology

   This year, Shandong, which is adjacent to Hebei, was not to be outdone, and continued to deepen in the construction of smart street lights.

   After the 2018 Huati provided multifunctional smart street lights for Chengyang District, Qingdao, and presented the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, in 2019, Huati provided customized smart street lights “Seagulls” for the central business district of Shibei District, Qingdao.


   Based on the inspiration of Qingdao’s close proximity to the sea and the Qingdao Seagull as the source, Huati designed and manufactured a very streamlined “Seagull” smart street lamp for the business district. The shape of the lamp head is like a seagull with wings flying.

  “Seagull” integrates many functions such as smart lighting, wireless WiFi, environmental monitors, video monitoring, information release screens, 5G base stations, public broadcasting, etc., and provides basic services for command and management of the central business district.

   Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, is obviously unwilling to fall behind. Pilot application of smart street lights in Jinan’s new and old kinetic energy conversion pilot area with demonstration and representative functions.

   In September 2019, Huati provided Jinan with three smart street lights: “Laureate”, “Liuguang” and “Meteor”, which were installed on the newly-built roads in the Jinan Pioneer District.


   In addition to three smart street lights equipped with smart city management functions such as video surveillance, display screen, charging pile, city broadcast, one-click alarm, mobile phone charging, WiFi service, environmental monitoring, etc., they are also equipped with anti-fog artifacts, and Or in dusty days, these smart street lights can be turned into dust removal vehicles, spraying on the road, reducing the haze and sand on the road and surroundings, and improving the quality of urban air environment.

   In the construction of national smart street lights, Jinan is not particularly advanced, but with the function of removing smog, this pilot demonstration is also unique in many cases.


  A new chapter in the construction of tourist cities

   The target moved south to the south of Caiyun, located on the southwestern border.

   Yunnan has unique tourism resources and has created a prosperous tourism industry in Yunnan.

   Lijiang is one of them. Lijiang has become a place where many young people in literature and art yearn for.

   In 2019, Lijiang, a tourist city, not only has a strong sense of literature and art, but also has become more and more “smart”.

   In January of this year, the multifunctional smart street light provided by Huati Technology for the custom design of the ancient city of Lijiang was completed.

003_ Copy

  These smart street lights not only have the beautiful appearance of cultural lighting, but also have the charm “connotation” of smart city management functions.

   The video surveillance, display screen, and 5G base stations equipped with street lights will provide huge basic support in operation. It will also provide Lijiang with new scenarios for smart cities in areas including 5G services, visual urban management, smart parking, and smart transportation.


Sichuan’s first smart street light construction and operation project

   Sichuan, which is adjacent to Yunnan, also moves frequently in 2019.

   In 2019, as the first multi-functional smart street light construction and operation project in Sichuan, the Chengdu Shuangliu District multi-functional smart street light project received special attention from the outside world.


   According to the franchise contract, before the opening of the 18th World Police and Firefighter Games in 2019, Huati Technology completed the construction of the first batch of nearly 800-pillar multifunctional smart street lights.

   These smart street lights integrate various traffic safety facilities such as traffic lights, face recognition, electronic police, and traffic signage. Through “multiple-in-one”, the smart street lights can be used for multiple purposes.

0005 micro base station

   Based on the integration of multiple poles, Huati has also integrated smart city management functions such as Skynet monitoring, environmental monitoring, charging piles, 5G base stations, and display screens into the street light poles, so that street lights are more beautiful and smarter.

  In Zaozi Lane, Jinniu District, Chengdu, which is not far from Shuangliu, the creation of unique blocks in 2019 also sees the value of multi-in-one.


   The multi-functional smart street light provided by Huati for Zaozi Lane has already become an important part of Zaozi Lane’s traditional Chinese medical streets in design. Traffic safety facilities such as 5G base stations, traffic lights, Skynet monitoring, and electronic police are no longer independent Part of it has become part of the smart street light in Zaozi Lane.

   The reconstructed Zaozi Lane ended up being multi-poleed, looking clean and pure.


Military Games as an accelerator, Wuhan goes fast

   Go down the Yangtze River and enter Wuhan, Hubei, which is known as the “nine provinces”.

   In 2019, the biggest thing for Wuhan is the 7th World Military Games. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Wuhan has undergone a large-scale transformation and renovation of urban construction. Smart street lights have become an important part of the transformation. ring.

  As early as 2018, the “Smooth” smart street lights customized by Wuhan for Wuhan appeared on Sanyang Road and Macao Road in Wuhan, becoming the first demonstration streets of Wuhan smart streets, and achieved a good demonstration role. In 2019, Wuhan will continue to smart street lights Transformation process.

001 streamer
002 Magnolia Avenue New Leaf

   In July 2019, in order to meet the kayak competition of the Military Games, the road lighting of Mulan Avenue in the Mulan Lake Scenic Area was renovated. The owner adopted more than 100 sets of “New Leaf” smart street lights customized by Huati.

   Smart street lights have smart functions such as video surveillance, one-button alarm, public broadcasting, charging piles, environmental monitoring, and dynamic advertising light boxes.

   This series of functions provide sound security for kayak competitions during the military games through sound, video and dialogue, and also provide convenient city services for subsequent visitors.

   Smart street lights provide new scene services for smart cities, and Wuhan is also stepping up its deployment of smart and safe communities.

   Wuhan’s Tangxun Lake Community responded positively to Wuhan’s call to build a smart and safe community and installed smart street lights in the community.

003 Bright Moon in Tangxun Lake Community

   The “Bright Moon” smart street lamp provided by Huati for Tangxun Lake District is equipped with five functions such as LED display, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, one-button alarm and city broadcasting.

   Among them, video surveillance, one-click alarm, and city broadcasts constitute an interlocking security “combination fist” to quickly respond to and fight against security incidents in the community.

   The community needs wisdom and peace, and the park is also an indispensable public place.

   In November 2019, a number of special trees were officially unveiled in Wuhan Jinyinhu Wetland Park. This is the “wisdom tree” provided by Huati for the park.

004 Wisdom Tree in Jinyinhu Park

   The wisdom tree provides lighting for the park, and provides citizens with one-click alarms, mobile phone charging and other practical functions, while the park management provides better services for the park through video monitoring and LED display.

   It’s also a park. Limei Park in Lichuan City, Hubei also sees the value of smart street lights. Since the beginning of 2019, Lichuan has configured nearly 100 sets of two smart street lights, “Modern Ginkgo” and “Bright Moon”, customized by Huati for its sister-in-law park.

002 (1) _copy

   In addition to providing smart lighting for the park, these two smart street lights also have functions such as information release, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, emergency broadcasting, direction sign guidance, and mobile phone charging.

   Integrating video surveillance and road signs into smart street lights reduces the number of poles in the park, while beautifying the park space and reducing construction and operating costs.


Changsha’s first demonstration section has an extraordinary position

   Dongting Lake separates Hubei from Hunan, but the construction of smart cities, like Hunan, is unwilling to fall behind.

   As the provincial capital of Hunan, Changsha has developed rapidly in second-tier cities across the country in recent years, and is not unwilling to lag behind in the construction of smart cities.

   In January 2019, Changsha City, Hunan Province upgraded and upgraded lighting facilities on the section of Xiangxiang Road from Xiangfu Road to Liujiachong Road which is about 1.7 kilometers in length. This road has an extraordinary status because it is right at the door of the Hunan Provincial Government. Previously, its demonstration role was extraordinary.

003_Copy 1

   The “Furong Chaohui” smart street light customized by Huati for this road has become the first demonstration street of smart street light in Hunan Province.

   On the basis of its high value, the “Furong Chaohui” landscape light integrates intelligent functions such as intelligent lighting, video monitoring, 4G / 5G micro base stations, charging piles, and LED display information push.

005_ copy

   Zhuzhou City, which is less than 100 kilometers from Changsha City, is perhaps the first city in Hunan Province to eat crabs in terms of smart street lights.

  In September 2019, dozens of sets of smart street lights installed in the central square of Zhuzhou City were officially unveiled. This batch of smart street lights also became the first smart street light demonstration project in Zhuzhou.

Zhuzhou 1
Zhuzhou 2

   In the design of these batches of smart street lights, according to Zhuzhou’s positioning as the “city from which trains come”, Huati designed the lamp head as the “Harmony” front style, reflecting the unique beauty of custom design.

   In addition to the unique shape of the lamp head, these smart street lights also integrate multiple functions such as intelligent lighting, LED information release, city broadcasting, wireless WiFi, and one-button alarm.

Zhuzhou 3

   And the “small school bag” on the top of the smart street lamp head has also become a feature of these street lamps. This is the place where Huati Technology reserved 5G micro base stations for Zhuzhou’s smart street lights. With the maturity of 5G technology and the gradual popularization of 5G networks, these smart street lights will become “communication towers” and provide 5G for the majority of netizens. Internet service.


The first intelligent road in Shenzhen

   Further south from Hunan is Guangdong.

   As Guangdong and even Shenzhen, China’s most dynamic economic development, may not be the fastest in the construction of smart street lights, but it is certainly the most stable.

   In 2019, during the transformation of Qiaoxiang Road, Shenzhen adopted multifunctional smart street lights to enhance the wisdom of Qiaoxiang Road, Shenzhen’s first smart road.


   Huati Technology provided nearly 600 pillars of multifunctional smart street lights for Qiaoxiang Road, and was successfully installed on both sides of the 6.8km road of Qiaoxiang Road to empower smart road construction.

   The smart street light provided by Huati Technology for Qiaoxiang Road adopts a multi-pronged approach, integrating traffic safety facilities such as traffic lights, traffic signs, electronic eyes, and so on, to make Qiaoxiang Road more clean and orderly.

006_ copy

   The smart street lights on Qiaoxiang Road are also equipped with smart devices such as LED displays, wireless WiFi, environmental monitoring, and video surveillance. These infrastructures provide city managers and citizens with more convenient and efficient city services.

008 The top of the lamp is a 5G base station

  In addition, the 5G micro base station interface and installation position are reserved at the top of each pole, and the 5G micro base station and street lights are combined to provide a good infrastructure guarantee for the upcoming 5G era.


It is said that the development of the city, the infrastructure is the foundation, just like the height of the building, the foundation is a solid foundation.

In 2019, whether it is north or south, east or west, the deployment of smart street lights has begun to accelerate. Everyone has seen the important value of smart street lights as the next generation of urban infrastructure.

It is believed that in the coming 2020, more cities will be invested in the construction of smart street lights, so that smart street lights can empower China’s smart city construction.

Let us meet a better and smarter city of the future.

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