What is Lighting Management System?

Huati Lighting Management System, developed by Sichuan Huati Lighting Co.,Ltd, is an intelligent management system packed with technologies such as Cloud Computing, GPRS, Internet and Power Line Communication (PLC) etc. LMS system is the typical application of IOT in Lighting and Energy industry, the core of which is using PLC technology as carrier to manage the urban lighting system remotely and intelligently. For any light fixture in the city, the control center can schedule the on/off time, adjust the brightness and read status information such as the power consumption of the light. LMS system makes lighting on demand a reality, improves management efficiency, and makes significant contribution to energy conservation, emission reduction, ultimately promotes green lighting.

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What are highlight features of LMS?

–  Remote Centralized Management

Via LMS, administrators can monitor and control lighting devices at any location from anywhere, 24/7. They can also get real time information and status, schedule maintenance plan in advance to ensure the lighting devices are always running at their optimum state.

– Lighting On Demand

The pre-programmable lighting scheduler of LMS maximizes the flexibility of controlling the on/off durations and the brightness of any lighting devices remotely. The interactive online map visualizes the lighting devices, make it convenient to monitor and control them. LMS can also analyze the information collected by various sensors, manage the power consumption of the lighting devices at different locations upon request, balance power consumption density and segment lighting demand, therefore achieve lighting on demand and reduce energy consumption.

– Elaborated Maintenance Management

The maintenance tools LMS provides, such as automatic early-warning and alarming, accurate faults report, realtime device status monitoring and diagnosis, and GIS system and navigation guidance, can help to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions caused by unoptimized routine maintenance trips, and to resolve the malfunctions of the lighting devices much more rapidly.

– Compete Assets Management

LMS includes a complete Management Information System (MIS), which can unify the management of the street lights related assets in more rational and advanced ways. It can also be scaled to fit the needs to manage largescale public assets.

Why PLC (Power Line Communication)

No need to run additional wires to powered devices. If the device is connected to power line, it can be reached. Power Line Communication network is build upon the largest network on earth, the Electric Power Grid.
Easy to install and configure, highly stable and reliable in signal transfer control.
Minimum investment, fast return and low maintenance cost.
The Electrical Power Grid, which the PLC technology is built upon, is designed to the highest standard to be safe, reliable and robust.

What is Huati Smart Server

Being a multi-purpose intelligent management device. It can be deployed to any IP based application, such as Enterprise Energy Management, Lighting Management and high value-added Remote Assets Management, etc.
Access, control and monitor wide varieties of electronic devices to improve operation efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.
Easily to be deployed and managed, as well as controlled locally or remotely. It can form large scale network automatically and provide incomparable flexibility.

What are features of Huati Smart Controller?

Ingress protection rating: IP67
Communicate with Smart Server via power line
High-integrated intelligent Neuron chip ○ Remote software upgradable via power line
Can be used to control a large variety of lamps, such as LED lamps, sodium, metal halide lamps, and induction lamps
Stepless adjustable brightness control
Multi-hop repeating up to 8 hops, up to 8KM half-duplex communication
Robust error correction for reliable communication
Active Power, Current, Voltage, Power Factor measurement
Ambient light and temperature measurement
Current leakage detection and auto shut-off safety function