The roadside smart parking system is the cutting-edge computer vision based solution. With advanced AI algorithms, the system intelligently identifies the complete parking trajectory, with ultra high comprehensive recognition output rate. Combined with the electronic payment system, it perfectly achieves the goals of no parking attendant and unconscious pay experience.

Smart Parking Terminal

State-of-the-art OPU based AI system and camera array, trained to recognize and analyze parking space status and license plate information with high accuracy at a wide range of light conditions and viewing angles. It also stores parking information and exchanges data with back office system.

Download mechanical drawing here

Operation Management Software

The software manages hardware devices, users, and operational data in a unified manner, including data collection, analysis, storage, distribution, and operation. It provides equipment management, fault management, yard management, berth management, parking management for operation managers and operation and maintenance personnel, personnel management, membership management, payment management, log management, financial management, report management, performance monitoring and operational data visualization.

Mobile APP

The end user mobile APP supports parking space search, reservation, navigation, user account management, payment, SMS reminder, etc.